Why Chasing the Michigan Upper Peninsula is Difficult :Trees

Why Chasing the Michigan Upper Peninsula is Difficult: TOO MANY TREES

Heres is some stats on Michigan's Upper Peninsula,
too many trees, hills, bad road network and swamps.
makes the Upper Peninsula very difficult.

Forest as a percent of land area: Upper Peninsula
Eastern Upper Peninsula: 81% percent forested
92% Alger County
74% Chippewa County
79% Delta County
86% Luce County
87% Mackinac County
75% Menominee County
78% Schoolcraft County

Western Peninsula: 88% percent forested
94% Baraga County
79% Dickinson County
92% Gogebic County
82% Houghton County
89% Iron County
97% Keweenaw County
88% Marquette County
86% Ontonagon County

Source: US Forest Service

LOL the U.P. got its own thread!

Yeah, I was up there a few weeks ago for the 4th of July in the 94-97% forest region (Houghton/Barage county region). Hills (okay, maybe mountains), swamps, dense forest, wildlife, and monster bugs would make it all extremely difficult or impossible to chase. Oh, not to mention there is only 1 highway from the eastern U.P. to WI - M28, the rest are back roads based on Indian trails, which twist and wind through the forest.

How about winter time... Well, imagine the above minus the bugs, with about 3-5 feet of snow on the ground (our cabins location averages 250 inches of snow per year, near the Keweenaw)...
Sounds Like Spartanburg, however we dont have as many swamps, just the foothills. That is why we do storm spotting here, you have to find the right spot,,,to spot..
And that, my friends, is why I moved back to Kansas :wink: Sorry to leave you hangin'.


LOL... I actually enjoy it up there, aside from the lack of severe weather. I also like going up in the winter, to see the snow...

Sounds a little like NC but we've got everything.
Mountains to the west, swampy/beaches to the east
Vegetation in between

It's why I like it here;)