Whoa, what's up with the stormtrack front page?

Mike Gauldin

What on earth is going on? And the link to the forums doesn't work (at least in FireFox).
There's been a good party in the house for a couple of years now... we might as well go out front and mow the lawn.

BTW, if anyone wants permission to post news items, weather stories, educational items, etc on the front page, PM me with the front page username you picked (after you register it).

CORRECTION: Anyone can now submit a story; it will just have to be approved first. Trusted members who want instant approval of their stories can PM me.

I believe we tried this about a year ago and stopped for some reason (presumably poor story quality, I can't remember), so if we have the same problems I'll rein in privileges and either try to do the page myself or put static content there.

I actually like it, Tim. It looks very organized. That's the number one thing I look at when I go to a new website. Call me rain man or something, but I'm a neat freak when it comes to web design.

and H.N.Y.
Great job on the front page!
The blog look is actually quite appealing and the news section is a great idea. It holds more content than the previous version which will be great for new users and veterans alike. I will now change my favorites link to the stormtrack front page rather than having it take me directly to the forums since there will be more updated info there.
I think it was very smart of you to have the chaser blog list shuffle upon refresh. When I first saw that I thought, oh no, here comes some issues... then I clicked refresh and thought - hey, that's a good idea!
Again, nice job - thanks for all your hard work!
Thanks everyone... hope I can keep up with it. I guess it's a moot point as we've given everyone the ability to contribute to it.