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Where To Buy A Canon D20 On-Line

Ok, I have finally decided to purchase the Canon D20 and17-85mm IS lens package.
Does anyone have any recommendations as to which on-line store is the most dependable and has the best package deals?
I make all my big photo purchases from B&H Photo in New York. They are very reputable and have great prices.


Watch out for the package deals. They may look great, but most of the add-ons in the package are pure crap. That's ok, just watch out for that.
I'd try www.buydig.com cheaper than BH, yet still good service. They don't have as large as a selection (so I stick to BH for most stuff), but main camera models are usually lower in price.

Definetly B & H Pat. I have spent thousands upon thousands there without a hitch. They are also authorized dealers of canon thus giving you a valid warranty.

My 2c
Another B&H reccomendation. I've also spent thousands with them. Their customer service is stellar -- any problem of any kind when you get your lense or camera and they'll take it back, no questions asked.

I've heard that Adorama, their main competition, is also an excellent company.