What's with the white stuff covering the ground...?

Oct 10, 2004
Madison, WI


Weather like this, you'd think it was January in Wisconsin or something. :lol:
Originally posted by Alex Lamers
Winter seemingly lacking good snowfall and cold temperatures proves once again the farmers almanac is not to be trusted.

I think I heard a couple of years ago that climatology performs better than the Falmer's Almanac on the whole. Sure, the Almanac may have a couple of date's correct for big storms, etc, but it has far more incorrect "forecasts".
Originally posted by David Drummond
Ah, a site I won't see this year. Greetings from the land that knows no winter this year.

Same here... Look at this image off Lake Huron, MI taken yesterday afternoon :shock:...

<img src=http://pinker.wjh.harvard.edu/photos/new_zealand/images/Foxton%20Beach.jpg>

The trees have even bloomed :eek: :lol:
Heck you have more of the white stuff than me! And you live SW of me. We got all grass now.... kinda mild lately. It really poured rain yesterday from the winter storm to our north.... I sure feel like I am in the south this winter. It seemed our winter happened before Christmas... afterwards, it just kinda melted.... I suspect this year will be a very early spring.... perhaps a chase in March?!
Winter Update: Grand Rapids Michigan

November Snowfall: 17.3 inches

December Snowfall: 28.9 inches
8th Snowiest December on record,
9 percent of possible sunshine

January Snowfall: 9.5 inches
Departure from normal thru the date: 11.0 inches below normal
Only 10 days for the month will a inch or more of snow on the ground.

Season Snowfall: 55.7 inches
Departure from normal thru the date: 8.1 inches above normal

Average Snowfall in the Grand Rapids area is 72-76 inches
depending on what data set you use.

I fear that the weather is going to get cold, just when we want it to get warm. When early March arrives, we'll all be thinking about chasing and then Old Man Winter will say "Gotcha!" Perhaps I'm being overly pessimistic...I hope so.

I agree with Gabe... Winter is winter - bring on the cold and get it over with. I just like how everyone wants a warm winter, and then cries and whines when spring is crappy :lol:

Like people have been saying countless times... Average is the mean of two extremes. We WILL average out eventually, and the longer we stay warm, the later that cold punch will arrive (i.e. into early spring maybe).
Definitely a strange year here so far too. December started out with a bang. With lots of small snows that slowly built up a respectable snowpack. It was also extremely cold too. It was looking like we were in for a bad winter. Then, right before Christmas winter left and never came back.

Three days ago it was nearly 60° and then we got almost 2" of rain! That's almost unheard of around here for January.
If February turns out to be cold and snowy, relatively speaking, I for one am going to be disappointed. I know that it is only January but it feels like march, we had hail and thunder this weekend, it smells like march, for instance the ozone smell after the rain, and it looks like march, not a flake of snow to be found anywhere and our grass is beginning to take on a greenish color. Going to be a long month If winter decides to return.

Baring a freak arctic outbreak which prevents us from getting above 0 F today, we will set a record for the warmest January on record.
Pretty picture Doug. It's pictures like that that are awesome to look at for a long time. Newly fallen snow, the way it glistens and covers every surface. One of my favorite weather sights to look at. I'm a little jealous, we have about half that here. More on the way tonight? Probably will mix with rain for me :(