Whats a chaser to do?

Feb 27, 2005
Goehner NE
:cry: Im stuck between a rock and a hard place. There is potential for severe weather here in NE for the 19th and the companyn I work for decided to schedule me for some training that will last untill 5:00 pm. Things should be fireing up by then and It leaves me little time if any to get to the target area. So I guess I will have to sit back and hope for the best or hit the unemployment line later. Humm, let me think about it. OK, I guess its the unemployment line. ha, schedule me will ya!

:) On another more postive note I chased the severe weather here in SE NE yesterday and we got lucky and came upon several storms just as they went severe. One up near Rising City then the flash flood near Shelby in Polk County. We then headed south towards home and ran into the a severe hail producer near Utica in Seward county. We had to pull over due to the hail and heavy rain and wait it out. Was going to go after the storm in Thayer county but decided that it would be dark by the time we got there. Not a bad way to start the chase season.

Happy chasing