What would you take?

Joey Ketcham

1 AM, I'm bored. It's the chase season, you're taking a full week to chase... however, if you could only take ONE thing with you chasing (this excludes money, vehicle and clothes... mainly chase related equipment such as laptops, cell phone, scanner, etc...) what would that one item be?

For me, tough call... it'd be a toss up between my laptop and cell phone.
My choice of equipment would be a HAM radio with storm related frequencies pre programmed in it. To me it is a better source of information than a TV, laptop or cell phone. You can receive multiple reports from many different locations as well as reports from the NWS and still be able to communicate with others. The repeater coverage in the plains is great and no dropped signals. That and it doesn't have a monthly charge.
No way I start the car unless I have some sort of map....be it GPS or a paper atlas (I still prefer the latter).
Oh, I guess I thought maps were a given. Not part of the choice list, I mean. Yeah, can't chase without maps...LOL. Are they part of the choice list, Joey?
Anything can be part of the chase list, however it can only be one item though that you can take.

Vehicle, money, clothing is included... so besides those three you can take with you ONE other item.. whatever it might be is up to you.
Ok I'm going to change this a bit.

Lets go ahead and add in a form of communication... mainly because I'm big on being able to submit reports.

So, you already have the car, communication (phone, ham), money and clothes, so besides that you cab only take ONE other thing with you and that's it.

So, I'll have to say laptop. You can do a lot with laptop these days, get on the internet at truck stops, hotels, and download maps onto them even along with weather info.
Give me a good friend who enjoys the weather and the open countryside. As long as I have cash, a car, conversation, and the sky, I can have a great time. And generally 2 good sets of eyes on the atmosphere is plenty to see what is going on and interpret what will happen.
Im gonna have to go with the laptop aswell, of course the bells and wistles that come along with the laptop must go. Like the GPS and WIFI antenna.
A form of camera! I have nightmares all the time regarding this and it's never that I don't have a map or a laptop or anything else. If I had to pick between clothing and a camera I'd definitey chase naked...lol(yes I know clothing was a given, just saying). So for me it'd be down to either a still cam or a vid cam..hmmmm, toughy. I'd say vid cam I think. Normally once I leave home I don't have any data anyway, other then finding a library here and there.
I've chased with nothing before.. so if I could only take one thing.. the laptop.. not only does it aid in chasing, but gives me something to do in the down time...
I would have to say either a map or a camera. Without a map, you have no idea where you are (unless you have memorized every single map of the Plains which is highly unlikely). Without a camera, you may see something incredible and have no proof of it/not be able to have a "well mine's bigger" contest when you see all your buddies next.
Easy one for me. A cell phone is all I ever take with me anyway since I lost my GPS in Custer Co., NE a few weeks back. :)


If forced to choose between cell and laptop (my top two choices), I would reluctantly go with the cell as it would have more versitility on the road.

Be well, TR
Well, under the revised options, where a cell phone is a given, then I'll go with a laptop computer. GPS is a major tool particularly for solo chasers and all the other things a computer can do for you are nice too.