what is the URL to dowload pics?

For 99% of you, this is a stupid question, but when I want to post a pic or two, it always asks for my URL. What is that? No other site ever needs that to post a pic. How do I do this?
In other words, you need to upload you picture to a site (like photobucket.com ), then you can add the URL / web addres to your post (if you want to show the picture in your post). You can also go down to "Manage Attachments" when you are making a post (it's towards the bottom of the screen) if you want to upload an image directly to Stormtrack. We didn't used to allow this, so it may be disabled in the future (since you'd be using Stormtrack server space to save a file of yours). You're best bet is to upload it to one of the free picture hosting sites, then use the
tag (obviously, you'd use the specific address/URL for the picture you want to show).