What are these?

Nov 14, 2006
Laguja, Estonia, Europe
I was looking some my old footage and found these from 20 August 2006. They are taken with webcam in Laguja village, Estonia. This cloud was looking strange. Below are the loops:
Cloud coming
Suspicious clouds
If the links don't open, try again. That's just my host.

Wondering, what they could be? It would be interesting to know, as I don't see such things quite often. Some stills are also available, they are here
The first one is a modest-sized Cb heading straight for the videographer.

The second one appears to be a laminar gustfront heading towards the photographer - and after that it displays some whales-mouth-like features.

When I closely look at the animations it seems like clouds in front are moving in one direction, clouds behind are moving in opposite direction. Could there be slight rotation?

As I have already opened this thread, I would like to ask the same about those below
Loop 1
Loop 2
Still images
I took them the next day.

Given these clouds, I think that I don't need to leave Estonia to capture some nice clouds. I have actually somewhat a story about getting that cumulonimbus anvil. I think I write about it at one time.
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