What a Death Ridge Looks Like

Dec 11, 2003
Denton, Texas
In 1998, Jeff Gammons and I chased ten days in the plains and ran smack into one of the worst patterns in years. We were both taking time from new jobs and couldn't adjust our schedules.

An old high school friend of mine from Texas, Clinton Norwood, was a pro photographer and started work on a documentary about chasing by joining us that week. He didn't see any tornadoes and hardly any storms, but he managed to tell a pretty cool story, I think, about fun and frustration when the atmosphere doesn't cooperate--something that seems hard to remember in these days of record-shattering tornado counts.

1998 wasn't all that long ago, but it seems very retro in some of these pics, considering that people are flipping through photo prints, smoking cigarettes, and watching TWC on little televisions stashed in trunks.

This is a perfect example. Check out that laptop. Smoke em if you got em.


The rest of Clint's photos I've assembled in a gallery here.