Wednesdays 00z run

Okay I have observed a flaw in the last 00z Run. Its the fact that 48 hours is posted for 00z=7:00pm. Saturday. Okay thats should be where its supposed to be on this run. But the 60 hour is also vailed at 00z. um that just messes every one up for Friday and saturday. It is like this on every site. UCAR, COD, Probably Unysis. will see this correct itself hopefully very soon.

corrected because I said the same thing twice.
Maybe the models just have not updated through 60hrs. I havent checked the new run yet so I'm most likely wrong...but I've seen this happen before.
yeah i see that it corrected itself. It was just weird at the time but its over now so this post shall pass away in to the abyss