Weather Station and Weather Display

Feb 29, 2004
Rochester Hills, Michigan, United States of Americ
What programs do you guys use to log weather station data (and possibly upload it to The reason I ask, is the software I am currently using "Weather Display" keeps spiking my wind data. It will be working fine, then all of a sudden I see a wind gust >70MPH... Looking at my actual weather station shows no values even close to that, so this software is some how making up numbers... What's the deal?

BTW, my weather station is a LaCrosse 2310 (I believe).

Here is the data that is plotting, everything but the >60MPH entries are correct:
This doesn't really help you, but I am using Weatherlink for my Davis Vantage Pro. Its the software that came with the data logger. I played around with some of those after market programs, but they were so messy. Too many options and too many crashes.

The Weatherlink software supports uploads to Weather Underground with one small software download. Here's my station:

I wish there was some way to edit the data after it is sent to Weather Underground. It would be helpful to fix your wind spikes. I'd like it to adjust my precip data in the winter when it snows and I have to use my manual rain bucket.
I have used VWS since ver 2. I never any problems with it. I serves my web site,weather underground and aprs slick as a ribbon. :D