Weather jobs: United to outsource meterology jobs

United Airlines will be outsourcing meteorology jobs in the near future, as part of a reorganization plan.

American and Delta have already done this, they use a company located near Norman. United will probably take a similar route, although not necessarily with the same company. At least the jobs should remain in the US, but this will probably reduce the total number of forecaster jobs by a handful.

I would wager that this doesn't bode well for salaries & benefits for private meteorologists... not counting the entrepreneurs who run the private companies. On the upside, at least it brings some more wx jobs to Norman.

Hey Aaron -- So much for us ever finding a meteorology job in our home state haha. The lack of weather jobs in Chicago is only made worse by UAL's decision. My best goes to those that are now out of work -- I think one of the posters here on ST was a forecaster for UAL so condolences go out to him and his family.

One's loss is another's gain, as I am sure one of the larger private sector companies such as Weathernews or Accu-weather, etc will now oversee UAL's forecasting needs and probably make some good money off of it.