Weather guide calendar contributors

Dec 4, 2003
I was looking at the 2005 Weather Guide Calendar and the contributors:

January - Sigurdur H. Stefnisson aurora
February - Ken Araujo twin waterspouts
March - Alan Moller shelf cloud with lightning
April - Carter E. Gowl rain shaft and rainbow
May - Eric Nguyen tornado at Attica 5/29/04
June - Jim Reed updraft base 6/5/04
July - Eric Nguyen Mulvane tornado
August - Carter E. Gowl cloud-to-air lightning
September - Jim Reed & Katherine Bay dust-shrouded tornado
October - David Pabst dust plume
November - Matt Hage / avalanche
December - Roger Hill sunset tornado

I certainly recognize Roger Hill, Eric Nguyen, and Alan Moller. Jim Reed sounds familiar, and may or may not be on this board.

That leaves Katherine Bay, Sigurdur Stefnisson, Ken Araujo, Carter Gowl, Matt Hage, and David Pabst? Anyone know who they are? I'm always curious who some of the more obscure names are.