Weather Data from Tornado Strike

Well I finally got around to decoding the data from some anemomenter sites i set up around the area. One of the sites, M102, located 2 miles southwest of Parker, had a NEAR direct tornado strike on it on 07/31/2004. I loaded data from the 30th, 31st, and 1st into excel and came up with the following data:

  • 13* Heat Index drop and recovery at time of incident.
    6.6* Wet Bulb drop and recovery at time of incident.
    7.1* Dew Point drop and recovery at time of incident.
    3.9% Relative humididty increase at incident, 12.9% drop after incident.
    Barometric Pressure: 03.98 inHg pressure drop at time of incident. (!!!)

    • I have a plethora of data from 07/26/2004 at 0900 to 08/05/2004 at 1600, indluding Temp, Wind Chill, Relative Humidity, Heat Index, Dew Point, Wet Bulb, Baromentric Pressure, and Density Altitude, but no type of model program to plug it into.

      Whattya think?
Originally posted by Kyle Masters
That's what i want to do, but does anyone know of any programs?
I may not be understanding what you want to do with it, but wouldn't excel be able to create a line chart/graph of this data, i.e an atmospheric parameter value vs. time graph?
Here's the excel graph that I got from putting the data in there. Simple, but effective. Click the image toview the larger version (800x600)

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This data includes two automatic spot measurements at 17:40:53 and 17:42:24, which is why the dip appears to last so long. removing the spot measurements causes more sharp dips and peaks in the lines.

NOTE: WC (Wind Chil) ant T (Temp) lines are the same. I accidentally exported Wind Chill instead of Wind Speed/Direction. Next time I get out to the unit I'll export WS.