WANTED: Camcorder

Due to an unfortunate event, I dont really care to discuss, my trusty chase camcorder is kapoot.

So, before I go purchase one, I am willing to buy one from a chaser who might have an extra one or an older one they have upgraded. The only thing is it must be able to upload onto the internet either by firewire or USB. Trade options can be discussed too if there is something you need I might have.

What price range are you thinking of - I 've got Sony HC3 HDV still under warranty I believe, with some tiny surface marks, other than that in a perfect condition, with mini Bogen Tripod and a leather case for 799.00 available.
I am looking into Buying a DSLR camera so I am basically flirting with the idea of selling my DVC. Basically I bought the Camcorder at about $360.00, I also purchased an additional Battery and 512mb Memory card for Photos. Basically I will set the price for $335.00, this will include shipping (U.S ONLY) and handling.

Here are the Spec's.

FEATURES - Jvc GRD270U Compact Digital Camcorder:

  • 1/6 inch 680K pixel CCD camera
  • 2.5 inch LCD high-resolution monitor
  • 25x optical zoom
  • 800x digital hyper zoom with spline interpolation eliminates jagged edges
  • Data battery provides up to 1.5 hrs of recording time
  • Illumi-light built-in auto light uses twin LED lights for 1/10 the power consumption
  • Night Alive feature
  • Live slow record or playback
  • Color viewfinder
  • Program AE with special effects
  • Manual focus, exposure & white balance modes
  • Black fader
  • Includes shoulder strap, lens cover, AC adapter & A/V output cables

Its compact and Firewire Ready. It is in great condition. I take pride in all my equipment and do my best to keep them all in great condition. I have original Box and Manual still in great condition, Warranty expired some time ago. Camera is in Mint condition, Everything works great, like I said before, I am basically flirting with selling this Camcorder so that I could buy a DSLR earlier than what I had originally planned and Be ready for the 2007 chase season (picture wise).

If you have any questions, or are interested contact me by email at [email protected]

Have a good one...