Visa Fraud Calls


This is in response to Brians post about Visa Fraud putting a block on his card which delayed his chase a couple weeks ago.

This afternoon I got a call from Visa Fraud Prevention about some charges on one of my business bank accounts.
They asked if I was charging to which was declined due to a negitive balance and a charge that is pending for this:

Someone ordered up a ****load of stuff online and the funny thing is, it is on a card that I don't even carry around with me.
Since I don't even carry this card with me, I have no clue how they got the account number and I hardly even use this account.
My bank is working on the fraud paperwork and since this all happened within the last few hours it should not take too long to put the money back into my account.

So just a heads up to everyone, if I got bogus charges and Visa Fraud calling me, it can happen to anyone. Check your statements because nothing would suck more to be out on the road chasing and to have Visa Fraud call you about your charges you did not make and now your stuck on the road with no money in the bank.

Hi Doug, Hopefully the Visa Fraud Department was indeed Visa itself calling you.

I get a number of Phishing scams via online that I am able to Pinpoint as fake or real. From what you are talking about it may have been a Scammer that called you.

Here is a quote from the Visa Website

<H4>Basic phone advice
Avoid giving out personal or account information over the phone unless the call was initiated by you. If you receive a call from your bank or a company asking for this type of information, always ask the caller to provide a call-back number. You have the right to hang up and verify the legitimacy of the number.
That is the reason I am suspicious of the phone call you recieved. From what I understand alot of people have been getting Phone calls about Bogus charges, In the end, the caller asks for verification of Information via phone and in the end, the caller which can in turn be a Phisher ends up with your credit card information.

I also believe that if there are fraudulaent Charges, the way you will know about them is via your Statement, from there you report the Fraudulent charges to your Credit Card Department.

Here is more info on what the Fraudulent call sounds like......

Telephone scam
The caller identifies himself as an investigator with the Fraud Dept. of VISA. He states that your account has been flagged for unusual activity, and asks if you have recently made a purchase in British Columbia (or other distant region) for $1,467.89.

When you reply that you haven't, the caller states that VISA will be happy to credit the amount of the fraudulent purchase to your account. The caller then asks you to verify your VISA card number, and may ask other questions of a confidential nature. He will then tell you that he requires this information in order to issue the $1,467.89 credit to your account.

While you are waiting for the credit to appear on your VISA statement, the caller now goes on a spending spree with your VISA number.

If you receive any unsolicited telephone calls from any persons who are trying to act in an official capacity, do not give up any personal information. Obtain the caller's name and phone number and advise them you will call them back to verify the call and to give them your information. Look up the number for VISA and contact VISA directly and ask for the person. A Customer Service Representative will then be able to advise you what action you should take.

Be sure to confirm the call to Visa, this way if the call was indeed fraudulent, You can request a new card and start new.

Hope this helps...

Yep, if it's really bank or credit card company who calls they don't need you to tell any account/credit card numbers and caller asking those should be good indicator of real reason behind call.
Jim's free tip: Don't be on vacation out of state using your Visa when you go online and order a bunch of electronics from another state and have it dropped shipped to you neice in a 4th state for her graduation gift. You account will be locked instantly and when they call home, nobody is there. :)
yes, it was really visa calling. There working on putting the money back into the account. Lucky for me that it was a business account that I hardly use and did not keep that much in it.
This just happened to me today too. We got a call from Citibank this morning questioning suspicious charge activity. They gave a call back number with a file number. I called them back, and sure enough, someone got ahold of our card number too, and charged up about $300 at various online places. But, the cards have never been out of our possession. To charge online, you need the Visa number, the expiration date, and the 3-digit verification code on the back. They had all that. So, we immediately closed the account. Then, about 60 minutes later, we get another call from Sage communications, someone was trying to switch our phone service to them using the closed account. We've narrowed it down to someone snooped through my wife's purse at her work. She opened her wallet, her cash was gone, and the driver's license was put back in upside down. It looks like they only grabbed the info from one card, for now. I'm guessing they copied it on the copy machine that sits just outside her office. No other activity on any of the other cards yet.

If this happens to you, make sure to call the credit bureaus to get a fraud alert put on your accounts. If you call Equifax, they pass along the fraud alert to the other 2 companies. This prevents any new lines of credit being opened without authorization. Also put each credit card on a fraud alert, and have them notify you immediately of any further suspicious activity.

Bottom line, it sucks.
My sister got a letter from Bank Midwest the other day saying that Visa was contacted by a company that told them someone may have got some Visa Check Card account numbers. Her husband and I both bank there and he hasn't received the letter and I don't know since I am away at university. We are trying to figure out what company because Visa would not or could not tell Bank Midwest. BMW is sending her a new check card already and so far her account has not been tampered with.