video stills capturing

I use Windows Media Maker do do's probably not the best, but it suits my purposes pretty well, and it comes with WinXP, so that helps. :)

I use Adobe Premiere Pro. For the most part the resolution stays pretty good. Many computer systems now come with Adobe Premiere LE, which I believe will let you export still frames.

If you have any editing software you should be able to export a video still. If you don't have editing software you could always to do a print screen while the video is paused and then paste it into Photoshop or MS paint.

Hope that helps!
Thanks again all for the responses. I have several different video editing pieces of software, but wasn't sure if there was one that I was not aware of that was clearly the best. I've seen some pics on here that were taken from video that were great, so I thought I would ask all the "experts" on here! :D
Next week is my vacation to chase! Wish me luck!!