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Billy Griffin

Okay, I hope I can be clear on this, and I apologize if this has already been mentioned in a previous thread. I did review the threads on video editing software, but did not find any with this particular discussion, so here goes...

For years and years, I have done my editing the old fashioned way, or basically with two SVHS machines that could do both "assemble" and "insert" editing. By insert, I mean inserting some "B-roll" footage over a scene cut or a quick camera pan, movement, bump, etc. - just something to cover up my camera operator actions I don't want, while still keeping the AUDIO portion of the segment ongoing. I think most folks know what insert and assemble editing means.

Anyway, I finally lost my good ol' hardware and now must convert to software, or go out an buy all new editing gear... which I assume there are some good programs out there.

What I'm asking for the short term is, can anyone tell me of a video editing software program that will allow you to do both insert and assemble editing? I thought Windows MovieMaker would allow that, but all it allows (from what I can tell) is AUDIO insert editing. In other words, you can keep the video going and insert a different audio clip. I need the total opposite... I need the original audio track, while covering up "jump cuts" by using B-roll footage as insert edits.

This had nothing to do with weather. It was a presentation done at work in which I videotaped and am now editing, but have hit this road block now that I cannot figure out how to insert edit.

Help - - anyone? So far, it's been thumbs down for Windows Movie Maker not allowing a video insert edit.

Thanks in advance !!!

Almost any of the specific NLE (Non Lonear Editing) programs will let you do what you want. The one's I have some experience with:

Sony Vegas
Pinnacle Liquid
Pinnacle Studio 9 Plus

or just about any NLE that allows for multiple tracks.

Others to look at include:
TMPGNE (did I get that one right?)
Pinnacle Studio 10 Plus
Adobe Premiere

There's a multitude of editors out there. Some are strictly software, some are software/hardware based. In the NLE world, you basically get what you pay for.

[SIZE=-1]TMPGEnc is the correct spelling. [/SIZE]

I use studio and havent had any problems yet. Good luck