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Nice job with the video and song choice. Definitely worth taking to Denver if you decide to go. Keep up the good work and good luck this year with in your chasing adventures.
Nice video Mike. I especially enjoy the tornado footage from 7-12-04. You took the time to set up the camera on the tripod and it paid off!! We just kept driving in the rain shooting out the side window (before we had the window mount) so most of our footage from that day is quite shaky. Your stuff is awesome! I haven't heard that version of "Tainted Love" before. Quite catchy.

Great job!
Awesome video Mike. I've always loved those time lapses. You can really get a feel for the storm evolvement watching those.
Very cool

Great footage Mike! Neat to see it all in one stream. The song was cool, and I like how you synced the footage changes to the music. Good stuff!

I'm downloading it to watch right now. =)

Watched it, and my jaw dropped a couple of times! You got some GREAT stuff, Mike! Wonderful job!