Victims of lightning strikes develop amazing mutations

If lightning strikes a crowd of people, it will strike only one person and leave others safe. Those, who were unlucky to experience a lightning attack, notice certain changes in their organisms. Someone forgets everything that they could ever remember; others discover supernatural abilities for themselves. Scientists dedicated a great deal of time and energy studying mysteries of heavenly electricity and managed to unravel several, albeit very few of lightning enigmas.

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Given the fact that our brain and nerves are electrical components, that is not surprised. I would like to read peoples minds!!!! :D
well this is an interesting topic indead.....I have never witnessed as much electricity as here in the mountains of s/west UT
a 4 hour thunderstorm today really kicked off the monsoon season and I must say that sooner or later someone is gonna get whacked with a bolt up here as NO one takes any precautions when the afternoon storms come through
I WAS jolted in May here when a bolt went through my cell phone antenna much to my surprise - and my neighbor lost 2 HORSES last year from lightening - so I say its a live or die thing and as far as the surernatural well Ill leave it up to God....
I knew of a guy where I use to live that was hit by lightning and he could not feel hot or cold. It would be 20 degrees outside and he would be outside in a shortsleeve shirt. That could be a blessing when working on a hot day but also dangerous. Your body needs to tell you if you are getting too hot or cold.