Vehicle Setup Question

Mike C

I have a few question in regard to installing some equipment in my car. But before I ask those questions, I want to say up front that I will be storm spotting at a local level. That means maybe no further than a county or two in either direction from my home. Now on to the questions.

1) I know for sure I will be getting an Inspeed Anemometer, but I am unsure which one. I do like the Vortex Storm Chaser but also think the window mounted one could work as well. Which one would you prefer and why. Price wise either one would work.

Will an analog or digital barometer be inaccurate due to it being in the car? I am unsure if it would be because a car is not environmentally sealed. Yes water does not get in but the outside air still does get in. IF it is in fact not suitable to mount one inside, where do some of you have one mounted at?

I do have one that my car came with and its with in +/- 2 most of the time. However it doesn't provide instant info. It takes sometime for it to catch up to the outside temps. I am stumped on what to use for instant access to temps so I do need some guidance here.

I do have one more question which is kind of silly and it involves those so called all in one outside digital weather stations. If the above is something that is not do-able (though I really don't see why not) what about mounting the transmitter part of the weather station outside of the vehicle (engine bay, on the frame or on top of the roof)? I'm interested in the answers for that question because if it is possible, then that will solve almost all my problems.

Thanks in advance for any and all advice.
I can only speak to the barometer aspect but others can shed much more light even on that. A barometer will have to positioned outside of the vehicle to eliminate pressure caused by automobile HVAC system blowing into a fairly tightly sealed vehicle creating "pressure changes" that will fluctuate greatly. High blower fan speeds with all the windows closed will greatly affect the little barometers even in simple handheld GPS units with barometric altitude reckoning.
Thanks for the input STexan. I gave it some thought over the past few days and have determined that I really don't need barometer. Granted I love data like that but I really don't want to be outside nor have some sort of special setup to run something like that (unless its easy).

As for the thermometer, I'll just use the cars. It may be slow but at least I won't have to buy anything which saves me money.

I'm still sticking with the Anemometer however. I will be getting the Vortex Storm Chaser.

I am still curious about the all in one systems that are meant for the home. I still wonder if you can mount it on the car somehow and just use that instead of all this other 'stand alone' equipment.