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May 31, 2004
Peotone, IL
i was browsing through various chase pictures i have and have always questioned this storm i believe it was shot on june 13th of 2005 (2221 175 LEWISTOWN FULTON IL 4040 9016 (ILX) ) this was the report given at the time of the shot but the there was currently a svr issued for this storm but it was a supercell that travelled from MO and had decent rotation well we pulled off a county road and took these shots and i beleive we captured a brief tornado touchdown but didnt report it because it was so short lived, i know pictures wont prove it but i just want to know your guys perspective on what im seeing

EDIT: ok nvm i dont know how to put it on here but if your still interested in helping me out i can EMAIL you the full set of pics and see what you think thanks alot just PM me