Typhoon Tokage Rocks Japan

Larry J. Kosch

Sounds like Japan got rocked really bad by the effects of Typhoon Tokage recently. Did you know they had 80 foot waves?? :shock: That's as tall as a eight story building. Here's a link to a story about the wave:


Think what would that have been like if this was in New York or Miami! :shock: I would assume the typhoon came in with a high storm surge and perhaps the shallow waters of a harbor enhanced the surge.

The death toll stands at 79 killed, 12 missing and hundreds injured.

If you will recall, in the disaster movie "The Day After Tomorrow", a killer storm surge sweeps into New York harbor and nearly swamps the Statue of Liberty. The entire monument, statue and base, stands about 300 feet tall. The pedestal itself is only 154 feet tall.

Any thoughts about this??