TV Weatherman Says "Katrina" was MAN-MADE!!

OK guys and gals. This may be the strangest thing you have ever heard about. It is even stranger than the tornado intercept vehicle. There was a guy on TV here in Albany, NY in the early 1990's who claimed he was a Meteorologist and said he had his BS degree in Meteorology. One day the station found out that he'd been lying about his credentials and abruptly fired him. I have recently come to learn that that this person is now working at KPVI and has some really out of this world claims. He is a weathercaster for a National Network affiliate and is saying this stuff on the air. I just read a post from a News Reporter in the US that watched his forecast and he said he couldn't believe what he just heard...that Scott Stevens just said during the weather segment that Hurricane Katrina was man-made and created using human engineering!!?!? In a nutshell, Scott Stevens claims that Hurricane Katrina, Ophelia and many other weather systems and phenomena are being created and manipulated by human beings with engineering technology. That's right, he's not sure if it's the Americans or the Russians that have this secret technology, but he is certain these storms and other weather phenomena such as strange gust fronts are man-made and did not form naturally. Yeah.... :roll: Just what I thought too.

So, if you have an extra 45 minutes and want to read about his claims, here is his website.

I have attached a few quotes of his below. And you wonder why people don't trust TV Weathermen.
Live long and prosper my earthlings.

"It is my humble opinion that Katrina was an inside job. Planned by the power Elite, not necessarily the Bush Administration but certainly by elements within, to introduce an element of change into American society; only time will tell as to the full extent of changes that they desire. All is not as it seems. Thanks for taking the time to consider these possibilities and to visit my site."

"Hurricane Ophelia continues this trend of manufactured weather. ALL of our weather now has some imprint of scalar technology contained within. The above image was taken Saturday September 10th 4:32pm Eastern. This is supposed to be the eye of Ophelia; once again displaying geometry that would be impossible to create naturally within a fluid environment."
Damn that scalar technology... always out to get us. Doh!

The Wx Elite need to create a few more supercells in this neck of the woods to invoke some policy change ;)

:twisted: HA HA, was me that caused all this destruction. I used my super secret space lazer to heat the oceans waters thereby helping hurricanes to develop. It works by gathering energy from the sun and then concentrates it to a chosen area and boom! Hurricane. I launched it secretly at night on the 4th of July using a whole bunch of Estes rockets that I bought at various hobby shops. Nobody ever knew. I am currently working on a new weather control machine that I will use to make Goehner NE the Supercell capital of the world.

Evil Twisted Weather Weirdo

AKA Dennis
Weather Whacko Advisory:

An unknown person or persons will be launching another disruptive weather phenomena sometime this winter. This phenomena will include snow, accumulating snow and ice that will disrupt many public modes of transportation. You will see that this will happen. 100% guaranteed. Proof that the supercalafragalisticespialodocious tele-transporter and plasma guns I have been studying are for real.

Muwwaaaahhh ha ha ha
Needs help

This guy is saying, no screaming, HELP, HELP The Paranoids are after me!
Or he is closley related to Chicken Little. LOL
It is the utmost epitimy of vanity to think we have any kind of control over the weather, what a nutcase!! :shock:

Too much caffeine buddy, ya gotta cut out the Dew and Jolt for breakfast!!

You would think if this were happening, would we have access to satellite images like we do?

Ok, I read over his site, hes out of his mind, hes just another conspiracy theorist using words like chemtrails and 'this delivery system on the back of this jet liner is used to disperse into the 550 mph jetstream, oh its also for inflight de-icing'!!

The sat image with the contrails in the SE US...has this guy ever been to Memphis each night between about midnight and 4 am? Obviously hes not aware of the airfreight business!!

Im through wit dis guy!!
Originally posted by mrobinett
It is the utmost epitimy of vanity to think we have any kind of control over the weather, what a nutcase!! :shock:

Vanity? Nutcase? What are you talking about? I control the weather all the time using my mind. I don't need any lazers or supercalifragilistisexpialidotious machines either. I usually just control supercells though. Wonder who the character is that's messing with the canes? Guess I will have to eat some spice and use my mutant powers to search for this interloper and shut him down before someone else gets hurt. :twisted:
The last time I checked there's medication that can help this guy. Of course, it might interfere with that CIA implant in his cerebral cortex that updates the Men in Black of his whereabouts at all times.

I did have someone e-mail me several years ago about a conspiracy which is exactly this! When I ignored, he came back with a second e-mail. Some people seem to have a lot of time on their hands. I wonder if it is the same person.


Jimmy Deguara
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Here's how whacko this guy is, he frequents the Coast to Coast AM radio show with George Noory . He's been on that show three different times this year.

Yeah I was upset when I heard that guy on coast to coast. But note even George Noory cut him off when the guy suggested that Katrina was targeted by Government weather control to hit NOLA. So I don't think it was George that was proliferating that view for the most part he's been down to earth on the scientific part of it. Even while CTC usually concentrates on more conspiracy/supernatural.
Re: Needs help

Originally posted by Kelley Austin
This guy is saying, no screaming, HELP, HELP The Paranoids are after me!
Or he is closley related to Chicken Little. LOL

Or maybe Iben Browning.