Trying to post a cool Cb picture...

Jason Toft

...but it's kinda washed out, sorry. This is taken with a 2mB digital and crappy focus, so it washes the clouds, but it's a cool pic any ways. This is of a standard Florida afternoon thunderstorm with some cool vertical development.

Hmm...not letting me attach...would someone mind hosting it?

lol - and it's cool that while we're all still waiting for the cool Cb photo, Bill is keeping us entertained with photos of his cat in the litterbox ... how funny ... just to help get this thing back on track, here's my cool Cb photo that I'll donate to the cause :) (Posted using Photobucket, btw.)

Yes, I am anxiously awaiting that cb photo.

To be honest though that isn't my cat. It is the famous or should I say infamous summit cat Nin. He belongs to the Mount Washington Observatory. He is the only full-time resident at the top.

Jason, I suggest Imageshack. You don't have to sign up for anything, and you can upload through the web right from your computer. I'm actually glad you posted this topic because I learned about those two services. Sure beats everybody swamping my site when I want to post a photo to this forum.