TRV38 problem

Feb 23, 2005
Mobile, AL
AFTER (thankfully) filming Hurricane Dennis, the touch screen on my Sony DCR-TRV38 quit responding to touch. Most functions are controlled through this touch screen. The camer will still record, I think, but you cannot do anything in playback mode as the touchscreen doesnt work.

anyone else have this trouble? if not can anyone reccomend a repair facility.

i'm sure the culprit is either condensation, salt corrosion, dust, shock, or a combination. It's been through 4 tropical systems and 2 seasons in the plains so its already served me quite well. I'd like to have it fixed as I'd like to make it my dash/backup cam when i'm ready to buy a vx2100 or similar 3CCD camera.
Got a flat rate quote from Sony of $226 :roll: :roll: :roll:

Called a few local camera repair shops and all of them said that the camera must be sent to sony.

wonderful :roll: