Tornadoes touch down in Brazil

Yeah I saw that on the news. Someone shot a great home movie of the tornadoes.

I heard that they had to wait 10 minutes for the twisters to move out of the area. That must have felt like an eternity for them. Especially with no storm shelters! :shock:
From the images it seems a quite strong tornado; no doubt about the mesocyclonic origin of the tornado: in one of these shot you can see a quite big rotating updraft. Moreover damages are also strong: from the tape you can observe some roofs damaged and some walls fall down ( I cannot know if they are well constructed walls); and according to me just this thing make me think that the damaging rate can be at least F2. Anyway there is a moment in the tape in wich tornado has a very good rotation.
Tornados in Brazil

Just goes to show ya that tornados can happen ALMOST anywhere in the world! Awsome pics/video! To bad about the damage etc.