Tornado Seminar

Hello All,

I work for a public radio/tv station at the University of Illinois, which puts on an annual Tornado Information Seminar for the public. This is lead by Ed Kieser, the chief met. at the station. This year's will be the 16th annual show. Anyway, I'm helping to produce the show, and we're currently searching for some new video from the past season. If anyone here would be willing to donate any of their video from the season, that would be amazing. You will be given full credit for the video.. and we arent making any money off of it. Its a non-profit event for the public put on every spring by our station to refresh everyone on tornado safety and facts. The show always concludes with some classic videos, along with recent video. Here's a link to information on show..

Some background on Ed..

Anyway, if anyones willing to help out, just pm me or shoot me an email.