Tornado Glory

Feb 20, 2004
Windsor, Ontario
So, I saw this in the paper today. An OU grad student made an independent film about storm chasing featuring Joel Taylor and Reed Timmer. Apparently it won some award in some contest or something. I think they are showing it tonight at Meacham Auditorium (OU Union) at 8.

Here's a link to the website:

Looks *interesting* to say the least, so I thought I would pass it along.
I will be interested to hear the thoughts of those who see it. I watched the trailer but it's hard to get a feel from just a few seconds. I hope the movie doesn't focus only on the risk taking and "getting as close as possible" , which is what was in the trailer.

But it does look interesting, I wouldn't mind seeing it myself.
Actually, I thouroughly enjoyed the movie. It is more of a documentary about Reed and Joel... chasers that love to get close. However, it stresses that this is their personal style. It goes into their background, why the way they area, and also goes into some of the after effects of Reed's past actions (Such as the yelling during the Manchester video.) If people see how he pretty much woops and hollars during every video... people might not of made such a big deal about that incident...

There is comentary by several others about the pair from the OU metr community, and this does a good job putting how they fit into the whole storm chasing scene.

I personally know Reed, and understand he is just an extremely outgoing guy that likes to get close. I think people who watch the movie will have a better understanding about the pair after watching. As Joel states in the movie, they don't wanna see people get hurt... they get excited (well mainly Reed) and they chase to get close. They feel that its a free country and that most of what is said is opinion... not neccesarily what is right and wrong.

So what made me love the film so much?
It shows how human chasers are (the arguments between Joel and Reed about when to get gas etc.) and how much chasers/meteorologists are in love with the science. It truly is a passion.

Just got back...

I liked the film because it was very honest; you saw Reed and Joel for who they were and nothing was really held back. You also heard opinions (both good and bad) from various people in the department here at OU about Reed and Joel's style of chasing.

After seeing the preview online, I was under the impression that the film would be very negatively biased. But it turns out that it wasn't. However, it wasn't really positively biased either. Instead, I think that everything is placed on the platter for you to see and experience, and from that, you can form your own opinion either one way or the other. I think the documentary covered all bases well without swaying in either direction.
It's tough to convey what chasing is to the audience when you keep showcasing the same people over and over and over and over.....
It was a good film overall. I won't reiterate what has already been said by Aaron and Melissa but I share their thoughts.

There were a couple of places where I felt like I was watching Twister, but mostly there were some good laughs as well as some serious moments that came together to make it a good watch. :)
movie in vegas

I checked the site... looks like it'll be showing in Las Vegas next week. Can someone spot me a plane ticket? :wink:
Blake Naftel, where are you?

I'm enjoying a cool evening (now early morning) in Kalamazoo. Wish I could have been down for the showing of "Tornado Glory". I'm always interested (good or otherwise) in how other directors/producers/cinematographers approach the subject of "storm chasing". In this case; the director (Ken Cole); focused on two chasers, one key event (assuming it was 24-June-2003?); and from the sounds of it did an exceptional job at presenting "reality chasing"; much like that of what I'll be doing with my film project.

I see Danny C. is part of the film. It should be noted that Keith B. has been notified and DC will be receiving a kick to the jacobs in the near future; and swiftly I might add. Oh; and just so the thin-skinned don't get injured by my commentary; here is something meant to symbolize that I'm joking around.... 8)