Tornado Attack Vehicle?

Jun 11, 2004
Has anyone heard anything about or seen video from when that car driven by Steve Green drove into the Mulvane tornado? I think is was suppose to have like 8 cameras in it.
check their website

I did a quick check of their website:

What I saw was either a teaser of how far away they were from the tornado or they just didn't get in close enough (too chicken??) If they had any really upclose shots, they would have shown them by now.

I also noticed the abundance of sponsors (ala NASCAR) on their website that looks like those stickers they put all over their racing cars.

Perhaps they are either waiting for some serious sponsorship to come along or their driver is too faint hearted to drive near a tornado!! LOL.

Well here is another article, but it is from an auto parts page and it reads like one big advertisement. According to this page they actually entered an F-4 tornado, but, oddly, there's no evidence of this feat on their side.

Also, I believe the fact that the driver is an ex-stock-car-racer explains the abundance of sponsor stickers. :)

Edit: Okay I lied; I only just now saw the link to those pictures at the top of their page. My mistake.
Woo, uh, video of swirling black dirt inches from the camera. Woo. Uh. I dunno about ya'all, but I can imagine what it's like inside a tornado. Personally, I'd rather watch video footage from afar. :>
I personally think this car, and the others designed to
"drive into a tornado" are just a big publicity gimmick.
None of these vehicles or drivers are going to
survive an F-3+ tornado. No driver or support crew will
be able to accurately know the intensity of a tornado
since we all know the intensity of tornadoes can vary in a
brief amount of time.

Even the best designed NASCAR race cars can only
withstand a single "direct" impact of about 120 mph without
potential serious injury to the driver. In a tornado,
additional physics and debris come into play.

Lastly, if one of these cars are deliberately driven into a torando, and the
vehicle impacts into a home, person or another vehicle, I'll
bet the driver, crew and sponsors would be charged with negligent

Yes... I noticed the same thing. Tornadoes and wall clouds in the
pictures but the vehicle is sitting on the side of the road.

What a joke!

Maybe it's just me, but their site plan looks like a polished version of something they started drawing on a bar napkin. :roll: