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top of a thunderhead from a plane

Pretty cool photo I saw on www.fromthecockpit.com… It was taken by a Cap’n Meryl… She does a airflight Q&A column on ustoday.com…

In Texas, I noticed once that anvils can look dark gray from an airplane. I thought a steely-gray anvil looked funny. I'd say...it was about 2pm, bright sun mixed with severe storms around the dryline.
I saw this when I was flying down to florida for hurricane Ivan back in 2004. It was not associated with the hurricane, just some convection in the SE somewhere.

When waiting for flights, ground transit, etc at airports, whenever I see a pilot, I ask them to tell me the most unusual or interesting weather that they have seen from their cockpit. My most interesting story heard was from a pilot who saw hail spewing out of the top of a thunderhead, illuminated by the sun. He said that it looked like hundreds of shimmering diamonds.
Thanks Susan! The clouds were gorgeous over this particular area, with the sun kissing the rising cumulous tops. To me, storms often have a peaceful look to them from above.
Great shots! A friend of mine flies DC-10s for Gemini Air Cargo and was recounting to me getting hit by lightning as far away as 30 miles from a thunderstorm. I take it that's probably garden variety lightning and not those "juiced-up" bolts for the blue?
Great shots ... Steve - yours is particularly cool. My brother's family just went on a cruise last week and he took this one of an updraft from the deck of the cruise ship ... not a 'from the air' shot, but thought it sorta followed the travel theme here:

Here is an aerial view of the supercell that produced the La Plata, MD F4 on April 28, 2002:


Photo credit: Steven Maciejewski

This is one of the most gorgeous storm shots I have ever seen.
All I have to say is....WOW!! :shock: :shock:

Now, if there was a way to get shots like this of the giant thunderstorms on Jupiter and Saturn. There's one storm raging on Saturn now that's the size of the U.S., with lightning 1,000 times stronger than Earth's!

I'm imagining something like Steven Maciejewski's photo, only on a MUCH, MUCH larger scale. :shock: :shock: :shock:
Here is one I took on the way to Puerto Escondido for a surfing trip. This was taken somewhere over mainland Mexico between Mexico City and Puerto Escondido.


I still can't get it to post. I'm on a Mac. Is that the reason?


EDIT: I finally learned how to post a photo. My life is forever changed. Thanks for the tip Justin... I am on a Mac, so things are a little different but it works now....Thank you
Just hit Img followed by the link, then hit Img, but don't put a space after link: here is an example.

Edit: mine works for me....i just took the space out. I think it might be your link, it is not valid. I copy pasted your link and it didn't work.