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Tim Samaras named one of National Geogs Emerging Explorers

So Tim, are you going to charge for your autograph next weekend? ;-)

Congrats. It's got to be quite an honor to be held in high esteem by such a respectable and established institution as NG.


Congrats Tim. Any way you could hook me up with the lady that hosted your June 24, 03 chase?
Way to go, Tim! 8) That's pretty damn cool, dude! And I haven't seen this lady they're all talking about.. help a brother out, guys! :wink: :lol:
Yikes! Just came across this. Thanks so much for everyone's kind words. Hope to see y'all at the Denver convention in a week!

Spring is almost here!


PS: Mike, not sure I can hook ya up with Lisa Ling. I'm sure she has completely forgotten about the story..and me by now...