Tim Samaras 6/11/04 IA tornado video

Mar 6, 2005
There was some discussion on another thread about a piece of Tim Samaras' footage in which it was possible to view a corn bin in slow motion in the June 11th 2004 IA tornado he successfully deployed on.

Tim contacted me via email and has sent the slowed clip to me as a file. It is now up on my site. Please go here:


Also - can somebody please confirm to me that this plays OK? I've never hosted a movie file before......

I'm glad this works. Unfortunately - I cannot view it as I don't have the correctly upgraded version of Quicktime that it requires......and after what happened with the last laptop - I'm somewhat leary of installing ANYTHING on this new one!

FYI - I will keep this video clip online for about a week for those of you who wish to view it. After that - I will take it off for bandwidth considerations.

I have seen the video that Tim S is referring to, however. He was kind enough to pop round to our place after his presentation at NSSL earlier this year I think it was. It certainly was a close brush with this tornado - and I saw him freeze the video at this piece of debris. Interesting stuff!

Originally posted by rdewey
Yep, works fine. I can definitely see some sort of large object... I can't really make it out though as I know very little about farm equipment.

Yest it works fine...Impresive movie! and probably it deals about a little farm building.
Excellent footage. I wonder if there is a future way to keep the lens clear?

As somebody else said before, it is pretty hard to tell exactly what it is that was just tossed by the tornado. If I had to take a guess, I would guess some sort of corn crip. Those things aren't going to need much to be thrown... The first part of the object being thrown looks like a bin top and then the thinner metal looks exactly like a corn crib, but the second part you just can't tell.

Impressive video none the less and thanks for posting that!