The Tornado Hunters

Nov 14, 2006
Laguja, Estonia, Europe
The Tornado Hunters(National Geographic, 2005) was aired yesterday evening on Estonian Television. Well, I say it was kind of interesting, but I would have sent the translator of that documentary to the university to take meteorology classes if I was in charge of that station. For example, the eye was confused with eyewall. And word Alley in Tornado Alley wasn't translated, so instead if using "Tornaadoallee," he used "Tornaado Alley". But it was still interesting. I liked it. However, that documentary made me thank god that I am born in Estonia. I am not safe here too, but compared to USA, I am very safe.

Edit: After watching rerun of it what just ended, I found all the same mistakes you described, although here the narration was in Estonian language. Anti-Cyclonic tornado was mentioned as Anti-Psychotic tornado here as well not to mention one hurricane chaser being "literally" blown away. Looks that the translator didn't know anything about meteorology as well and therefore he/she did not notice mistakes
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Greetings from "Anti-Psychotic" Tornado land! Just have to love those anti-psychotic tornadoes.

On a different note, my cousin is now living in Estonia with his wife whom he met and married there. Small world isn't it? Unfortunately, I'm not exactly sure where they are located. I know for at least his first couple of years there, he was in Talinn (sp?), the capitol.

John Diel
However, that documentary made me thank god that I am born in Estonia. I am not safe here too, but compared to USA, I am very safe.

You are lucky, America is a dreadul place to live. I can hardly sleep with the constant fear of tornados. Everyone I know has lost a relative to a tornado. In fact, my mother, father, brother, two sisters, grandmother, great grandmother, second cousin, first uncle, best friends, my wife's best friend, my dog, turtle, and the squirrel I used to feed were all killed in tornados.

I'm actually typing this in a bunker right now because its cloudy out and the town next to mine was just wiped off the map, presumably by a tornado.

If you've ever seen War of the Worlds...that's pretty much what life is like here.

Pray for us.

Just curious, was the show originally called Tornado Hunters or is that a translation? I think it aired under a different name in the US.
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Original. In Estonia, it was called the same - Tornaadokütid. There was a thread on Stormtrack about it what gave me several hints what helped me to find mistakes from rerun. It is kind of embarrassing, that narration was in Estonian language, but as dumb as in USA version.

Only, this "safe" weather has its negative side - vigilance is so low that schools and businesses remain open during severe weather, no matter how bad it is. High schools don't close even if it is < -30 degrees Fahrenheit outside and you can dream about severe weather coverage... I just measured yesterday from WAFF, your weather forecasts are almost 3 times longer than ours. We don't show any satellite or radar. You know, I cannot concentrate on studying when there is severe weather outside. And until year 2004, there wasn't even any weather forums around until I launched one.

But yes, it is still good to live here.

B Ozanne, are you in Florida right now? Well, about praying, I sure do. I have kept my tabs on Florida tornadoes by watching WESH(was it WESH? I can hardly remember its callsign) live Internet stream
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