The sun is again very active! (northern lights)

Mid-Latitude Auroral Warning
The sun remains extremely active with a large number of sunspots, some of them very large and complex. Numerous eruptions have occurred. Aurora displays have been seen as far south as the northern US and a fairly significant display is apparently ongoing attm as the magnetosphere and solar wind are in a very auroral-friendly state. Tonight and the next several days could be interesting, despite the summer season.

There is a big colour picture of Aurora australis in the back of todays newspaper(Auckland), taken this week at Dunedin, southern New Zealand, lattitude 46S.
Unfortunately the sunspot responsible for the powerful CME's we have been seeing is decaying. Sunspot 652 is now moving towards the suns western limb and so there may not be any more aurora chances for the mid latitudes for a while.....
Heads up for Friday eve. in mid & upper latitudes - According to Space Weather and Solar Terrestial Dispatch there is a small chance of some auroral activity due a smaller CME glancing the earth on Friday. Unfortunately here in Ohio it is progged to be cloudy and rainy - so will miss any potential activity.

Jon Miller