Thanksgiving, family, Shreveport, today, what?

Well Well Well, look at what the cat has pulled out of the bag for me this week. I must be living right.
My dad (im getting a car (another car) for xmas (other one became family car)) flew up to Norman tonight (Mon) in our single engine plane to take me back to F50 (thats for those aviation enthusiasit) in Ft. Worth region. Came within a knats ass of shooting a missed approach with everything below minimums. Check SPC just for kicks b/c of the wxbug message I recieved today from Norman WFO about possibility of storms as part of flood watch message. Well, its a moderate risk, i'll be damn. Might I also add that we plan and have planned all along to fly to SHV tomorrow to visit grandparents.
Needless to say, tomorrow should make for an interesting day.
Looks like im going to be taking storm chasing to a whole new level.
Oh and yes my dad flys for the airlines so hes more daring flying the plane than those that fly as a hobby

oh and for those in Norman, I need that linear class, somebody drop!!!!
BTW, plane: V35B