Text Pagers, Watch and Warnings Information

Rod Neff

Does anyone use text pagers for watches and warnings? What is the monthly cost for the service on pagers. And what is the best company to go with??
You might check with your local pager companies. I have Metrocall here in South Central Kansas and have the WeatherWarn service setup from a local tv station in my area. It was a free service as far as receiving the page. I pay about $44 every 3 months for my pager service with 300 pages. I get the warnings from the local tv station but I did setup my InterWarn program to send to my pager for more information. All I get from the local tv station weather warn is just the basics. If it is a T-Storm Warning or Tornado Warning for what counties and until what time.
I have highland pageing here in wv covers the states around me. pay about 40 every 3 months. I use stormnow to sent to the pager $2 a month.