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Test: Canon EF 1.4x II Extender w/ 70-200L f/2.8

Before my trip to Colorado last week I bit the bullet and purchased a Canon EF 1.4x II Extender from BHphoto for $285. Here are some of the photos from the trip:

The first shot was shot at 75+ yards handheld, f/8, iso400, and 200mm + the 1.4x:


100% crop of that photo:


The second shot was shot at ~10-15 yards, f/6.3, iso100, and 200mm + 1.4x:


100% crop of that photo:


Here are a couple other examples from the trip using the extender:



Hope this helps someone; just be aware that this extender only works with a few lenses and be sure to check that it works before you order it.

Take care

Graham Butler
Wow ... great shots, Graham! ... thanks for the test. I'm amazed how sharp that extender is. There's some slight softness around the edges, but hardly noticeable with those beautiful animals to look at. That's pretty tempting, even to use with a wider angle zoom (if possible). I bet there would be more softness issues or aberration if you weren't using an L zoom lens or a prime, though. The light is pretty hot on the ram, but I don't see any flare - nice. For less than $300, I'd say it's not a bad investment to gain focal length.