TESSA March 11th 2006 Ft Worth You Going?

Oct 12, 2005
Little Elm Texas
This is going to be a great conference this year and it will be nice to see an origional chase pioneer Dave Hoadley not to mention some outstanding presentations by Gary Woodall and others. The drive from Frisco to Ft Worth is not all that far away for me so I really don't have any reason not to be thier, Unless of course a major chase event occurs that day. Anyone else going ? Hey Steve PM me once you see this post
I had a blast last year, but since I don't have a new video out this year, there's really no point. I didn't sell a single video last year to anyone I didn't already know, and with Tim Marshall just a few booths away, no way I'm gonna sell any to the TX spotters (of course in retrospect I think wearing a Sooners jersey might have hurt me a bit :wink: ). But I had so much fun hanging out with Mickey, Chad, Jo, Jason Politte, and others that were at the vendor tables last year.

For anyone who can't afford Denver but loves a conference-type gathering, this is just as entertaining/educational and doesn't cost to attend. Another bonus for would-be vendors is the majority of the attendees are the general public, and are much more apt to buy products than a group of mostly storm chasers (Denver).
Being from Fort Worth, it would be silly for me NOT to be there. And SHANE, I fully expect to see you there........salesman or not....lol. Have not seen you since. Last year's conference was excellent! Looks like the 2006 event could top the 05 conference. Hope to see as many of you and others there as possible.
Im not sure. March 11 sounds like it might be close to my spring break, in which case I will attend since I live in the area. Tim Marshall being there it be hard for me not to go but im not really sure what ill get out of it that i didnt get last year. I dk, im just not as amped about it after having gone last year for the first time.