TESSA anyone?

Feb 20, 2004
Windsor, Ontario
I just booked my plane ticket home (to DFW) the weekend of March 10th for a wedding that I am attending. I believe that is also the weekend of TESSA...is anyone going? Just wondering if I'll get the chance to catch up with anyone while I am in the area :)
I'm on the fence as I've attended (or at least gone to Dallas) for the last 3 years. I'm loaded with classes this semester with more "homework" than usual, so its all going to depend on whether I can squeeze a weekend to head out. Otherwise I should be there.
As of right now, count me in. I've got Saturday off from work, so unless my profs decide to bury us with homework (or Mom Nature decides a field trip would be good;) ), I'll be there.
I'm strongly considering making the trip from Memphis. I've been wanting to attend Tessa for the past couple of years but never been able. This time I have a free schedule!

I was gonna go but things have come up that weekend and I just can't make the trip.
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