Telecomunnications Equpiment

Hey chasers! Has anyone heard anything about new cheap videophone technology? I have, and I know there will be a satellite version being released very soon!

I was at drill today and things went a bit better than usual. Also, shortly after lunch, there was a presentation from these guys advertising a video-phone service.

Apparently videophones are the wave of the future. By the end of 2008, the 5LINX Corporation which is responsible for many telecommunications products, predicts that they will be in nearly every American household. The modules and service plans are cheap, and they will eventually replace land-line phones. They use VoIP (Voice-over-Internet-Protocol), which is basically talking over the internet. All that is required is an existing high speed connection. The phones cost $199 and the plan is $25 a month. This includes free unlimited local and long distance and in most cases, you keep your land-line phone number and area code! I would get one, but I'm not too interested in that. What I'm waiting for is an upcoming release of a satellite videophone! This incredible device is expected to be available in 60-90 days! This also works the same way as the other one, except, this one is connected to satellites in space, and therefore works anywhere on the globe! It's estimated price is about $159 and the monthly service plan is expected to only be $40. That is much less than most people pay for cellphone service!

So I decided to join the 5LINX marketing team, to see if I can profit a little from this fast growing technology. We could all use a little financial freedom, right? My site also has a lot of special offers. How about a free MOTORAZR? The only thing you pay for is cell service and activation from the provider of your choice from the list. You still have to apply for credit, but that's it! My site also will help you save a little money with satellite TV, Medical Discounts, High Speed Internet, Online shopping, land-line phones, cellphones, and so much more! If the products don't interest you too much, try for the entrepeneurial side. I could always use some business partners ya know? The registration for the program is a little steep, about $500, and there are $30 monthly payments. But if you start selling products and/or finding business partners, you get your $500 back in a matter of a week or so.

The dude who showed this to me, took only 3 years to make a million bucks, I saw his red 2007 Bentley Coupe parked outside the armory today, it blew my mind! So this is the real deal. This is not one of those stupid offers for free stuff for committing yourself to a bunch of crap, I assure you. So please check out my site, and maybe buy some products or join me in business. Remember, if your business fails, which hasn't happened to anyone yet, you get your $500 registration fee back!

My site is I've registered a domain name too, and it is, but it isn't live yet. So invite you all to check all this great stuff out or work with me as business partners.

Thank you all,

David Draun, Independent Marketing Rep for 5LINX Corp.