teathering a laptop to a cell phone

Oct 3, 2006
Oklahoma, Tornado Alley
i have an HP Ombibook 6000 and i got a new cell phone a Samsung X427M and i was wondering which software would be the best to use with the Data cable i got just a little while ago:confused: i'm a total noob to laptop wireless
You can go to cingular.com and download connection manager then follow the instructions.

Try searching this forum for "tethering". Also, since tethering on specific phones can vary, try www.howardforums.com for help as well. Connection manager may work if you use Cingular, but you don't say that you do. The howardforums site has a plethora of good information, and you'll probably find your best info there (unless someone else here has a similar Samsung as tether with the same service you use). :)
actually i forgot to mention i am with cingular, and i upgraded my phone, moments after posting that my other one bit the dust(my dad had it and he let me use it because he got a new one, my Nokia 6010 blew a fuze and dad let me use his, which was about a year and a half old) i had to give his phone back and get a new one, so i figured i'd try to attach his phone to my laptop and see what it would do , i guess it just wasnt the right cable, i upgraded to a camera phone a Motorolla V557, pay-day (tomorrow) i'm going to get the cable to attach this one to my laptop, so it was Connection Manager right? i'll do a search for that, thanks guys:cool:
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