Oct 10, 2004
Madison, WI
Just got back from a lecture put on by the Packerland Chapter of the American Meteorological Society. Richard Mamrosh of WFO-GRB spoke about the TAMDAR program ( http://www.crh.noaa.gov/tamdar ) , which will equip commercial and private aircraft with instruments capable of taking atmospheric soundings. This will help create a more detailed profile of the atmosphere than can be done by existing radiosonde stations.

Model output incorporating TAMDAR data is now available as of February 17, 2005 (today). The greater amount of information input should models to provide more accurate forecasts.
The soundings have been available since December, and the RUC Dev2 is ingesting the data (and has done a much better job than the regular RUC.) Tom Hultquist @ NWS Marquette is now incorporating the obs into a WRF model too...

The soundings have been VERY handy this winter for snow forecasting, and I can't _wait_ til storm time as their value is going to likely be priceless!
Yes, but...

1) ACARS is not available unless you at are NWS or a Univ - TAMDAR is open for all.

2) ACARS is concentrated at hubs like Chicago, Detroit, Nashville, etc. TAMDAR is in Muskegon, Alpena, South Bend, etc.

- Rob
well i was looking at that link but it didnt look like it held links to the models Pages it self but just ifno about the program. But i did some deeper looking and found a few and there exactly the same links i put up on my site lol. thanks
There's a big JAVA viewer called AIRDAT, I don't see the link there offhand right now but I"m sure a google search will do it.