Superdome sitrep, 9/01 - hostility increasing

J West

Fox News:

About dawn, persons in the crowd at the Superdome were firing at military helos that were trying to evac the same people from the Superdome. 100 MP's are enroute to the facility, along with a company of injuries yet.

**Air Evac operations suspended at this time**

Reports of arson fires on the Superdome injuries yet.

Apparently, these morons don't get it. They aren't helping the cause when they are firing pot shots at helos and setting fires.

Send in the MP's.
Fox News:

Report from the ground is a NG member was was hit by rounds....unknown if it was on ground or in a helo.

A Reverend reports an armed faction with AK's is in control of the superdome, and many carjackings occured overnight.
This is crazy!!! Hello??? You don't shoot at people who are trying to rescue you. People have lost their minds. The violence is so bad now rescuers are seriously risking their lives if they try to help anyone.
Originally posted by Bleeding Heart Liberal
They are just trying to feed their families!

I think I'm fairly intelligent, but I really don't get it.
Help me understand how shooting rescue helicopters is going to feed the family?
Actually, what is happening is that people in the Dome are so far at the end of their rope that they've gone Lord of the Flies crazy. That's why they're shooting at copters and setting fires. People revert to madness when all civil order breaks down.
I heard from a friend at work, and I don't know where he got the info, that a lot of the shooting in and around the dome was a result of rival gangs trying to lay claim to the territory.

Sounds crazy... and I have no idea if it's true, but figured I would pass it along