Sunshine & Summertime?

Billy Griffin

With the eastern two-thirds of the U.S. engulfed in an arctic blast, the Pacific Northwest continues to bask in sunshine, warm temperatures and flowers beginning to bloom already! Temperatures out on the coast have been at or above 60 degrees, with inland temps 50-55, which at this time of year in Seattle... I can't help but smile! :)

Thought I'd share a few photos captured this evening, from Queen Anne Hill just north of downtown Seattle. The words "sunshine" and "Seattle" are not too commonly used in the same sentence, but we'll take it!



Obviously it's impossible to predict how the plains storm season will go, but I can't help but wonder that IF this ridge persists over the PNW, and northwest flow continues to dig a deep trough over the Southwest (as it is now), could perhaps those elusive severe weather oubreaks return to the once-exciting southern plains? It's still Winter, so I'm sure things will change.
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