Suggestions for a local weather "box" on a website?

I'm wanting to put a weather "sticker" on our company's intranet. It's one of those smaller (250 pixels or below) boxes that shows local weather, such as temp and wind for a particular zip code. I would like some suggestions as to which one(s) you prefer.

The intranet developement tool I'm using has MSNBC Weather built in, but it's rediculously unreliable. For technical reasons I can't use the ones from or AccuWeather.

I've found one called SidebarWeather which is OK, and I'm waiting on the code for WeatherBug.

Here are samples of what they look like in case my description is lacking: (Small box on the right side)

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
In the past, WeatherBug had alot of spyware associated with it (Gator, etc). While I am not sure it still does, I would steer clear.

Wunderground is a great website, I would suggest one of their stickers.