Substantial Downslope Wind Event-Front Range of Colorado


Once again, Colorado is experiencing high winds today, often exceeding severe thunderstorm/weak tornado thresholds (equivalent to F1 strength). A news update of damage can be found at

Scroll down to NREL's tower links (for wind speed) on this page:

Last night a hydraulic jump-like shock in the winds traveled east through Fort Collins-I drove through it. Quite impressive as winds went from 0 mph to very gusty (no means of measuring unfortunately), but 80 mph gusts are common across the front range today and last night.
Wow, station D1 is reporting wind gusts up around 93MPH :shock:

I enjoy watching high winds such as that, especially when the cover such a large area (vs. microburst size).

The highest non-convective wind gust I measure here just north of Detroit was 65MPH... Highest I experienced this year as far as convective speed was around 90MPH or 95MPH...
This was quite an event. Some forecast models and NWS offices didn't quite pick up on it's scale. We had gusts of 40-45 through much of the late morning and early afternoon, and temperatures warmed to the low 70s! 8)
Local Storm Report from the Denver office today.

Low Relative Humidity:
Relative Humidity in parts of eastern Colorado, western Kansas western Oklahoma and the panhandle of Oklahoma and Texas, some stations are reporting relative humidity between 5 to 9 percent. The lowest relative humidity I coud find today was Canadian, Texas. Temperature of 72 and a Dew Point of -13, Relative Humidity 3 percent.

CANADIAN FAIR 72 -13 3 W8 29.58F