Strong clear-air radar anomalies at MHX, AKQ

Dan Robinson

For the past week or so, something is causing two 88Ds along the Atlantic coast at MHX (Morehead City NC) and AKQ (Norfolk VA) to show very strong radar returns in clear air.

I don't think these are ground clutter returns, the 'objects' or whatever they are are moving fluidly around like a disorganized MCS. And it is only showing up at those two sites.

I thought they could be migrating birds, but those are the only two sites producing the anomaly. Any ideas of what this is?
AKQ is just showing a typical nighttime inversion pattern, MHX seems like they are having some problems with the inversion and clutter control.

If you look at a national map, you'll see that many 88D's are doing this. Nothing out of the ordinary...

- Rob