Stormwatcher: A Video Spotter's Guide

I realized that this video never did get posted here - so I thought I'd add it:

Stormwatcher: A Video Spotter's Guide - $21.95 inclusive of S&H, on DVD or VHS
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I've had a copy of Stormwatcher for over a year now- got my copy from Tim. I have learnt a lot from it and have now got a six year old grand-daughter watching clouds when we are out because she has seen it several times with me.
Karen - I look forward to the follow up.
an excellent video!

...just a comment from the peanut gallery: I ordered the StormWatcher video 8 years or so ago...and it is certainly pertinent even today. No fluff, just lots of great storm structure shots and great spotter information. A refreshing change from a lot of the video out there today. Highly recommended! -DC
The narration is quite superb, too. As I understand it, Gene hired a professional. It lends an authoritative, crisp tone to the production.
Thanks for all the compliments, guys! Yes - although it was well before my time, Gene did hire a professional narrator for this production - and it shows, if you ask me! That man had one of the most sensibly accurate voices I think I've heard on a documentary. He was able to convey storm education narration without making it sound like MTV or boring.

We just received an order for this video it's nice to see that it still sells in this day and age.

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one more comment!

Since the video lacks the hype/sensationalism of many others that are widely viewed(those geared toward pure entertainment), I have noticed that it has been THE most-requested for borrowing from my chase partners through the years, and my students who are truly serious about the science of storms. -Dave
Stormwatcher is one of the first weather related videos I purchased when I was just getting interested in this addicting hobby we call storm chasing. I think this is one of the best educational videos out today and I personally learned a lot from it. I have not watched it a few years but never the less it is a good video for those becoming interested in severe weather and storm chasing.

A++ video! A++ production!

And the verdict is... I LOVE the video! It has a classic PBS / Discovery Channel documentry feel to it (that's a compliment, btw :) ). I have it paired with Mike H.'s Storm Structure 101. Both make a nice pair!