Stormtrack Picnic Update/Suggestion

Been monitoring whats happening on the boards and first off, a big congrats to all who scored big in TX. yesterday! I'm envious on the catches, the hail vid's were amazing. I'm currently in Fla. celebrating my son's graduation and will be out ontil Tues. the 9th.

I'm looking forward to next weekend as there is an increasing chance we may be in a down time so we may be able to fit the picnic in. I noticed Greg Stumpf's post and I thought about the likelihood of getting this picnic in this year to add the next potential date for the next day Sunday, this would also apply for the dates of the 20th, 27th or June 3rd... if there is a risk of svr wx, we simply can try for the next day (Sunday) 21rst 28th or June 4th

I'm also wondering about the OU graduation, just how many will be precluded from the picnic because of graduation? Would it make sense just to have it Sunday the 14th?? I'll need some input about this, I'll try to monitor the message boards as much as possible, I don't have my laptop with me, I'm using my daughter's so I may not be able to respond before Tuesday evening. I'll decide what is best by Wednesday AM and of course I'll have to confer with the Mrs. to make sure all is well with a potential Sunday date. BTW: My wife ordered a huge rack of ribs of the event too, and with the burn ban lifted, we'll be able to grill outside!!

You can call me also. My cell: 405-226-2996.
I don't think the day matters so much as the date. Most people who come from a long distance are out chasing anyway, so I don't see why Sunday would throw a wrench in the gears. (Any folks who are working are most likely local). Trying to attract one or more tour groups seems futile in recent years, as they always find some reason not to be there (when you pay a few grand to chase, you chase I suppose). However it might be possible to snag any vacationing chasers who are out here, because chasers are more likely to sit on their hands and wait for more fruitful chases as opposed to just burning money to run down anything that comes along (like the tours do), so a possible attendance influx there. Seems the majority of vacationers are out in mid-May.

Then again, the core attendees that can always be counted on will be there, so I might be overanalyzing this to fit the schedules of those who likely won't show anyway. I just like to see these things as successful as possible, because of all the work Rock & Dee put into them.
Since I have a few friends graduating on the 13th (which I had forgotten about when I originally indicated that I would go), I probably will be at the graduation. However, anytime after that would for me. Sunday the 14th appeals to me, or any of the days Greg S. suggested.

I am fine with the original date or any of the other potential dates as long as it is within my two week chase vacation window and there is no chance of severe weather. I have always enjoyed Rocky's parties and plan on attending.

Bill Hark
Sat works for me ~ Sunday will be a problem as I have to work! in Oklahoma
It really sucks that where I work, you have to plan your life six weeks in advance, hope that there's no changes on your part, and pray that they don't change it for you. I almost had to sell my soul to you-know-who to get Saturday off :angry: .
I see everyones trying to talk you into one day or another. Some people working on Sunday, would prefer Saturday; others graduating on Saturady, would prefer Sunday....Well I think I have the ultimate decision maker for you....

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355 PM CDT TUE MAY 9 2006


As for me, im out from the word go so to speak. The second half of May is my vacation period back home in Texas. Though I will return first week of June for summer classes. But it sounds like this party/picnic is a big deal, seems everyone really wants to go and is making a big deal about so i kinda regret that I will be MIA. I guess theres always next year.
Not sure what happened to my addendum that I THOUGHT I posted last night??
The Picnic will likely go on as scheduled this Sat. 1pm. GFS and Euro looking pretty pathetic for anything substantial other than maybe a light night MCS which might try to get together over the TX PH.

Directions and other info to follow.
Damn! Was hoping to get lucky and have it knocked back one more week; my last day of work before my time off is Saturday, so once again, I'll be absent for this get together. :(
It's looking very good for the picnic this weekend at my farm here in Piedmont, OK.
The final word will be based on the Day 3 issued tomorrow AM but I'm confident that there will be no svr risk within the southern plains... and even if there is, I doubt there will be the 2% risk that would be needed to officially cancel the picnic. So, onless there are some big changes by tomorrow morning this will be a GO!

I'll send an additional email for directions. Come hungry is all I can say...Dee cleaned out the grocery store of hamburger, chicken, potato salad and we have a rack of I'll try to secure some succulent Salmon for later in the day..if I can find it.
Also included will be pop and snacks. So you'll need to only bring yourself and if you like an edited video.

5 dollars per person should cover expenses, kids are welcome so no alcohol please.
The picnic starts at 1pm this Sat. ontil whenever....

Tour groups are especially welcome!! I know there may be some storms on the high plains of CO.&NM on Sunday....maybe, but still you should have some time to swing by and say hi!

Directions and other pertinent info will follow tomorrow. Look forward in seeing YOU.
I've been checking the latest ETA and GFS and it now seems possible that a slight risk MAY be issued for parts of cntrl&northern TX.on into southern OK. for Sat. Being a few storms may form late Sat. I expect these to be high based, especially the farther west where dews will be lower... and low level shear will be very minimal for anything more than your garden variety storms. If a slight risk is issued, it would have to have at least a 2% risk of a tornado based from the SPC early Sat.

I don't suspect this will happen but than again its May... More than likely I'll go with having the picnic regardless. Dee has bought alot of food for this and I'm really anxious to finally be able to host this after a hiatus last spring.

I'll no more tomorrow AM.


If you do indeed have it Saturday, I'll come out for the first hour or two despite there ebing graduation. Turns out my parents will only be in town for the ceremony that evening :).
Any one driving trough Oklahoma city that can give me a lift? I am at the Holiday inn on south Meridian, just north of Will Rogers airport.

It would be shame to miss the picnic after travelling 5,000 miles ~ just because I can not make the last 25. :(